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DH book cover by SnakeyHoHo
DH book cover
Another book cover!

This time for a friend's DinoHiba fan novel to be sold in Taiwan this month! ^^
Hello everyone; it's been awhile since I opened up a journal entry on DA... I hope you're all doing well! And thank you new followers for watching me; I'm not very active but I try to keep up!

I still post occasionally on DA but I'm far more active on Twitter and tumblr... (Same username as DA, for those interested in finding me there too). Sorry I haven't gotten back on a lot of comments. I'm not as diligent as I used to be (if ever).

Towards the end of 2013 was really a big change for me, since I got hired for my full-time job after graduation (at last)! I still want to keep up with my art though, and it's surprising that despite working full-time, my artistic "career" is booming??

A quick update on how things are going for me....
  • My BL Manga, "Grass Nest" is scheduled to release very soon in English PDF! It will be followed by a French release in both digital and print, thanks to the lovely staff at MxM Bookmark!
  • Not quite an update but thank you sukibelle for the subscription!! (I'm sorry I'm really bad at using it though ||||orz)
  • I'm still drawing lots of covers for BL novels in Taiwan. XD; They aren't for a big publisher or anything, but it's fun!
  • DH Global, the DinoHiba anthology I worked on, will be releasing VERY SOON in Japan. Sorry it's taken so long. ><
  • "A Story in the Forest" Game release in May!
  • Guys I'm into Haikyuu!! now. Volleyball anime coming in April I'm just- ^q^
  • Guys I'm into Gintama again because GINHIJI. I DON'T. KNOW. WHY.
  • I have comic events coming up in Taiwan and Hong Kong in April!! Expect new DinoHiba and Karneval doujinshis?? (In Chinese. Sorry orz)
  • Next events I have in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada: MiniComi in July and Anime Revolution in August! I don't know about any others yet... I'm not sure how much new art I can produce to do prints. ><
  • Did I mention I work full-time now. It's actually 9-10 hours a day and legal because I'm a professional with a salary so it doesn't matter how long I work. orz

I'm no good at journals, but I really just wanted to say "Hi, I hope everyone is doing well!! Thanks for following me and putting up with my lack of existing! I'm doing good!"

The End. /bad writing


Colombie-Britannique, CANADA.
Paints with Photoshop CS2, Painter X, ComicStudio4, CLIP Studio Paint.
Runs on Mac OS X - Lion.

Doujinshi Circle: Shé Dou
Current Doujinshi activity (as of 2013) - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Dino x Hibari / Cavallone Primo x Alaudi) [English & Chinese], Karneval (Yogi x Gareki)

Feel free to contact regarding quotes for illustrations, novel covers, comics, and other digital artwork.

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NyanNoodle Featured By Owner Edited Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you still making the hyrule cafe game?
Bon-Bon-Bunny Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015   General Artist
Gosh, I just played your game, A Story in the Forest.  It is so lovely!
I have searched around a little, but to no avail... is there any kind of guide for the game available?  I have played through lots of times trying to get the very last CG I'm missing and can't seem to get the right combination of choices to reach it! *cries*

The CG I'm missing is the second-to-last one, right in between the two characters kissing and then holding hands.  With that placement, I know I'm missing out on something good, it's so unfair LOL!!!

Anyway, I will keep trying to get it, haha///  I really just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the cute game a lot. ; w ;  I don't even watch or know of KHR at all, but I downloaded the game when I saw it on Tumblr because the art is so pretty.  That's how enchanting your work is - I really wanted to make sure that you knew that!!
(1 Reply)
iza200117 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
U take. Request?

And happy birthday
Uni77 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
sunarii Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!!!
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